Sales Consulting

Nodiva offers Sales Strategy and Sales Management services to young enterprises across domains and will undertake the entire spectrum of activities as detailed below:

Product or Service Strategy:

Identifying and establishing the MVP (Minimum Value Product). This is the basic set of features that can be demonstrated to the potential customer and which would interest him enough to start a discussion. This should not be overkill or understated.
Establishing if your product or service is a ‘Good to have’ or a ‘Need to have’. The sooner you understand this, the more effective the go-to-market efforts.
Understanding customer processes, identify pain areas and build the business case for your product, with visibility into Return on Investment (ROI), which would help to convince the customer to invest in your product/solution. If required, also recommend changes that would make your product/solution more relevant to customer requirements.

Go-to-Market (GTM) Strategy:

Having managed to get the first set of reference customers, building a large pipeline of qualified, potential prospects is the next big challenge. Where to get these prospects from? How do you get them interested in your product and services? How to convert initial interest into invoice? These are some of the issues that new enterprises are faced with.
Nodiva has the experience and skills to help build this sales funnel and establish a regular, monthly/quarterly business beat-rate through a predictable, customer-centric sales process. Such predictable processes and prospect lists can be achieved through a number of ways, employing both direct and indirect marketing strategies, like Direct Marketing, In-bound Marketing, and Channel Partnering etc.

Build & Manage the Sales Operations:

One of the biggest challenges that most young or small enterprises face is getting the right people to join. This is even more of a challenge when it comes to sales. So more often than not you are having to compromise on the experience and quality of the sale person you hire leading to more time spent on induction and longer lead times before revenues start coming in. The right training will help to reduce the time taken for the new recruit to get productive.
Nodiva offers end-to-end Sales Management services including:
–   Developing the Job Description and Candidate Profile
–   Recruiting and Training the sales team
–   Complete Sales Management – setting targets, ensuring achievements, implementing reporting structure etc.

Building Processes:

The first step to scaling the operations to achieve the short and long term business objectives is to have in place a set of processes that would help to bring in repeatability and predictability. A good customer-centric sales process would make revenues more predictable and similarly internal processes (HR, Finance, Admin.) would help to scale with an optimal team.
Having worked with young and small enterprises for more than a decade Srikanth understands this need and has the experience to put in place such processes.