About Us


 Srikanth Vasuraj
Nodiva is founded by Srikanth Vasuraj, who has more than 35 years of diverse industry and functional expertise. His vast experience spans several industries like IT, Telecom, Construction and Leisure and has held senior positions with country-wide and regional responsibilities. The last decade and a half have been with start-ups and he has helped start, build and run two start-up ventures during this time and helped three others to put in place their Go-to-Market strategies (GTM).
In the course of his career, Srikanth has trained hundreds of sales people and managed large teams across geographies. His hands-on approach helps sales people understand the challenges that they may face and prepares them to handle everyday sales situations.
With a keen understanding of the Indian market and the key business drivers that are specific to India, Srikanth has helped overseas companies with their market due diligence and developed India-specific Go-to-Market plans to help those enterprises make a successful entry.
Having worked with start-ups for the last 15 years, he has a keen understanding of the work ethos of such early-stage and small enterprises and the issues that such organizations face and has specialized in building cost-effective Go-To-Market (GTM) strategies that would help start-ups to:
o   Fine tune their product / service offerings and ensure they meet customer needs
o   Verify some of the assumptions that were made while building the product/solutions
o   Build a plan to get the first set of reference customers
o   Develop the sales and marketing strategies that would help the organization to scale
o   Help recruit and train the right sales people
Srikanth also offers Sales Consulting services to such young enterprises, where the Founder and Co-Founders do not come from a sales and marketing background and are having to manage sales, along with product and operations management. He helps to take the burden of sales and sales management and ensures the team is performing to meet company objectives.