Sales Training – An important start to your career

Sales is the biggest opportunity provider and it is also a great career opportunity. Most CEO’s of large corporations started their career as a sales person. It is therefore very important to get the right grounding in sales processes and best sales practices right at the early stages of your career. Unfortunately, most educational institutions do not have Sales Training as part of their curriculum and most companies focus on product training than on how to acquire customers.
Business is all about getting paying customers and sales is at the front-end of every business to ensure a constant flow of paying customers. It is the first point of contact for every business. To maintain a constant flow of customers, as a sales person, you have to follow a planned set of processes and practices.
Sales training is a lot more than developing communication skills, email etiquette, account management etc. It starts with how to get your first meeting with an unknown person and convert initial interest to conviction. Without these, there is no sale!
Cold Calling:
What you say in the first 10 seconds will determine if you will get an additional minute or two to talk about your product or service. This will then lead the way to engaging the potential customer and progressing it to a sale. Most sales people get stuck at this very first stage of the sale.
How to open your cold call? What do you say while introducing yourself that will convey the key messages in just 3-4 sentences? How to structure your introduction so that in just 3-4 sentences you are able to convey your name, which company, what you are selling and what for, which is interesting enough for the prospect to give you those additional two minutes?
Lead Nurturing:
Having generated interest for what you are offering, how do you now convert that interest to invoice? Most sales people miss many opportunities during this phase in the sales process. They only follow-up for the order. Beyond the first two calls, the prospect stops responding, leaving the sales person wondering if he is going to get the order or not.
What should you do to keep the prospect interested in your product? What actions should you take to ensure the prospect responds positively every time you call? How to increase your chances of getting the order?
Every sales person who wants to build a good sales career needs to address these challenges. This requires a good understanding of the typical sales process and practices and actions that need to be anticipated and taken in time.
Go on! Build your sales career. Get the right training.

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